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So, we love working with Motorhome Depot - so much so - we have invested in the company and bought a Northern Franchise!  You can check out our website with them.  We are delighted to be part of the largest broker for Motorhomes in the UK and proud to be the Number 1 franchisee for January 2018!  What a great start to the year.
Oct 6, 2015

This week sees the launch of Impact Sales Training’s FCA Compliance for PROFIT courses for senior management within the Motor Trade.  This course is offered throughout the UK.  If you think it might be for you, have a look at the following questions:

  • ·         Do you clearly know what is expected of you by the FCA
  • ·         Are you sure your sales process is compliant
  • ·         Is compliance getting in the way of selling cars and/or products
  • ·         Is it compliant to assumptively include a regulated product in a deal presentation to a customer
  • ·         Specifically can a Gap be assumptively included in a deal presentation to a customer
  • ·         Have you fallen foul of the aggressive soliciting of your customers for mis-sells
  • ·         Are you ready for the claims companies next attack!!!!!


These questions will be posed – and answered - during the one day practical course.  A certificate of attendance, workbook and follow up in house are just part of the offering. 

The courses are aimed at Owners, Directors, Business Managers and General Managers within the Motor Trade.  The courses start later this month in Manchester and Sheffield and will be delivered throughout the country.

Call now on 01423 872439 for further information and to book your place.   

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Feb 22, 2018

Find out how we helped an office become the Number 1 Franchise in the UK with Motorhome Depot - the UK's leader in Motorhome Brokerage.  Achieving 40,000...

Jan 4, 2018

Two Day Fast Track Motortrade Sales Course - 7 & 8 February 2018 - £295 + VAT

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