Four Pillars of Success

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Sep 25, 2015

How do companies get from 'Good' to 'GREAT'

It starts with you.  If you run the company are you GREAT?  Do you think you are GREAT? 

Do you tell people they are GREAT? 

Are you recruiting the right people. Do you aspire to recruit better than you, smarter than you - get the right talent on your team and keep them.

Create an atmosphere of professionalism.

Don't be afraid to confront brutal facts. If someone is not cutting it then let them go.

Create a climate of co-operation and truth. Have lots of informal meetings to brainstorm, expand and share.

Create a culture of discipline - self and company wide.

Take lots of small progress steps instead of going for the big leaps.  Share your goals - make them OURS.

Ask your team members where they need the support. They will tell you.

'What you think about you become'

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