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Motor Trade Retail Case Study

Our client

A UK based used car supermarket chain operating across 7 sites.

Clients requirement

Against a background of generating lots of showroom traffic and a mere 12% closing ratio the directors of the group wanted to develop a managed sales process which offered a memorable retail experience resulting in higher conversion of opportunities with higher retained profit per unit.

Our research findings and recommendations

Our research at 4 of the locations made up of covert mystery shopping and on site observation brought us to the conclusion that the sales process employed and the management of that process were poor and that there were not enough salespeople to deal professionally with the enquiries.

Our recommendations were :

  • Agree at board level the best practice process which would lead to a memorable experience and high conversion ratios.
  • Agree how long the new process should last to ascertain staffing levels
  • Agree how many additional salespeople were required at each location
  • Involve senior managers in the development of the new process to ensure 'buy in' across the group.
  • Agree a proactive approach to looking for customers
  • Look at the strengths and weaknesses of existing managers to identify how to best manage them moving forward.
  • Embark on a recruitment exercise.
  • Pilot the new process at one location to ensure its success.
  • Review of the pilot programme
  • Produce bespoke training manuals for sales and management roles
  • Roll out the training of the new process to management.
  • Roll out the training to sales personnel.
  • Implement the new programme one location at a time.
  • Impact to offer ongoing and remote support.
  • Introduction of a lead management control system
  • Developing measurement and evaluation tools
  • Ensure a mechanism in place for identifying the stock balance required

The results

Following a successful pilot of the new process and subsequent roll out to all branches the benefits to the business were as follows:

  • The new process offered a clarity to the role of both the salespeople and managers.
  • Sales managers got involved with individual interactions to assist sales personnel
  • A better 'team' ethic was observed instantly.
  • New recruits had a focussed, supportive induction programme to work alongside
  • More appointments were made against a background of an enthusiastic phone interaction.
  • A sense that every opportunity missed was a cause for concern
  • Improved sales conversion statistics. 44% from a low of 12%
  • Amended forecourt layout helped with the qualification of the customer
  • Customer satisfaction levels improved.
  • Number of  'Be back' customers increased.
  • Enhanced profit retention up from  £780 per Unit to £1120
  • Finance penetration and subsequently finance commission increased
  • Logging of all opportunities and the new car requirements helped to create an active leadbank for follow up
  • Logging of all opportunities and the new car requirements helped to determine the stock profile required
  • Key performance indicators produced were meaningful and were used to identify further training needs
  • Reports created for the senior Management helped them to micro manage to improve performance further

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