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In a very competitive sector where the internet plays a big part in determining who a customer buys a car from it is

imperative that you and your sales team members stand out from the crowd.

Here at Impact Sales Training we have witnessed thousands of customer interactions, observed customer behaviours

and trends and understand that it is your front line, customer facing team members who make the difference.

Our mystery shopping programmes demonstrate time after time that in a lot of cases there is no selling taking place on

sales forecourts. In a lot of cases sales executives look to take shortcuts and look for people who are 'buying'

The effect of employing these tactics leads to a :

  • Reduction in the closing ratio
  • Reduction in the profit per unit retained
  • Reduction in the number of returning customers
  • An increase in the marketing costs to generate the additional traffic

Our observations have also highlighted that there is, in a lot of cases a lack of strong management being demonstrated. 

A sales process delivered by a competent, well trained, enthusiastic and motivated individual who is supported at all

levels by a strong and competent management team will succeed in delivering your company goals.

Our sales and sales management programmes for both retail and business customers will deliver the improvement

your business is capable of.

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