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Why use Impact Sales Training ?

Guaranteed Improvement

My personal guarantee to you is that if we are invited to research your existing procedures and we identify areas where improvements can be made, should we be involved in the implementation of the changes then I will guarantee you observe an improvement in performance

Our Unique Initial Research Programme

Our initial research programme will help us to understand you and your business prior to offering any recommendations.

We would want to be sure that there was room for performance improvement before offering to help.

The report would  be a detailed analysis of our findings and it would demonstrate our understanding of your needs and requirements and cover the following:

1. Your Company overview

2. Your company Sales objectives

3. Company structure

4. Impact Sales Training Philosophy

5. Summary of activity observed

6. The potential for Improvement

7. Creating the Improvement

8. How Impact Sales Training can assist in the Implementation

9. Detailed summary of observations

Bespoke solution

The effectiveness of our programmes in meeting your improvement objectives is influenced by our initial approach. We first look to understand before we ask to be understood. If you have a need then through a process of initial observation, consultation and discussion we formulate an action plan to be followed. We may pilot the solution in the first instance to ensure its success or we may test the solution on your behalf. Either way you will be confident that the changes will be effective.

Sector  Specific

Impact have a wide experience across a number of sectors. Our team members will more often than not  have firsthand experience of your sector.

Track Record

Impacts proven track record demonstrates that we are capable of delivering results which can be measured, monitored and maintained.  Our bespoke solution to your sales performance initiatives will be a template for your business success for years to come.

Return on Investment

Our primary aim is to ensure a meaningful return on your training investment. Our mutual commitment to succeed coupled with a desire to embed new ideas and skills are essential components of satisfying this aim.

Post Training Support and Reinforcement

We offer unlimited post training email and telephone support to all participants. Our aim here is to ensure the effectiveness of the training has a long shelf life.

Further Information

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Call Ruth on 07588 638092


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Andy Whiteley


Managing Director

Impact Sales Training Ltd


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